The campsite is close to a small active fishing port and marina, and within 45 minutes you arrive at the amusement park BonBon-Land and the cities Slagelse, Naestved, Korsoer and Skaelskoer, each of them offering unique experiences.

Holsteinborg Castle

A few kilometers from the campsite you find Holsteinborg Castle. A real gem of a castle, to which among others the famous fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen was a frequent guest. Part of the beautiful park is open to the public.
At Holsteinborg castle various large events have taken place, among others

– Denmark’s first Christmas tree was lit here in 1808

– The first savings bank was grounded in 1810

– The draft to Norway’s existing Constitution was written here in 1814

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Borreby Castle

Borreby Manor House was built in 1556 by the former chancellor Johan Friis as a fortified manor house. Borreby Manor House is one of five manor houses in Denmark and is built in late Gothic/Renaissance style. Today the manor house is engaged in agriculture and forestry and last, but not least part of it is used as a public theatre.

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Visiting Skaelskoer is a must, if you spend your holiday at West Zealand. With its unique location the city has all the good things – shopping possibilities, cafés, beach, wood and a lot of experiences. Take a trip with the tour boat Skaelskoer V, or visit Denmark’s only bus museum.

Skaelskoer is mentioned for the first time in 1231 in King Valdemar II’s land records as Skaelfiskoer, which means “the town at the mussels beach”. Since the 16th century there has therefore been a mussel in the town seal and later on in the coat of arms.

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