Welcome to Bisserup Camping...
The campsite is open, however with certain restrictions
due to the serious Corona-virus...


Close to a small active fishing port and marina
…only 3.9 km to Holsteinborg Castle


Scenic experiences
…lots of possibilities of taking a walk in a beautiful corner of Zealand


Reception and shop
…we have a small camping kiosk and a lot of tourist information


Two cozy cabins
…with a kitchenette, a small terrace, close to the playground


Ideal for families with small children
…activities for all ages


Close to a small beach
...ideal for windsurfing


Dear Camper

Bisserup Camping is open. Please note that tourists must book in advance before arrival. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, you MUST stay at home.

The campsite cannot be open without certain restrictions and some rules, which must be kept during your stay at the campsite. We highly regret this situation, but it is necessary.

Instructions will follow upon arrival. These rules will be eased according to the information from the authorities.

Please observe that toilet, bathing and kitchen facilities have limited access. Everybody is encouraged to use the facilities in your own caravan as far as possible. It is possible to use the slop hopper and water taps at the campsite. The common areas have very limited access, and the common rooms are closed. 

The camping kiosk is open for ordering bread Friday and Saturday from 10:00 – 11:00 and from 15:00 – 17:00.

We trust that you fully understand our restrictions in this serious situation. As everyone else we must do whatever we can to fight COVID-19 – the sooner, the better.

We follow up on the latest development in relation to COVID-19, so keep an eye on our website and Facebook.

Welcome to Bisserup Camping

A wonderful campsite in beautiful surroundings located in Bisserup, a small village which is known for its unique artist community, and with lots of possibilities of taking a walk in a beautiful corner of Zealand, you have the basis for a cozy and comfortable holiday.
The village is very idyllic with many of its original houses preserved, so that you can feel the soul from the old fishing village.

The campsite is close to a small active fishing port and marina, and within 45 minutes you arrive at the amusement park BonBon-Land and the cities Slagelse, Naestved, Korsoer and Skaelskoer, which all offer unique experiences. Furthermore, the campsite is close to Holsteinborg Castle, where among others the famous Hans Christian Andersen wrote more of his charming and well-known fairy tales.

During the season we have various activities/events at the campsite, and we are always open for good ideas, entertainments and funny experiences.

Camping close to exiting tourist attractions

Holsteinborg Castle
Borreby Castle